~ AK47 Switchblades ~
Unique Automatic Design - Working on making it better for production.

~ SinSkull - Knuckle Duster ~
New designed Knuckle Duster - Should have some by end of summer made from steel, brass, and black micarta.

~ Trifoil ~
Fixed Blade Dagger with folding side guards. Work In Progress.

Fixed Blade Daggers

Automatic Forearm Blades ~ Wrist Spikes ~ Arm Swords ~ Forearm Weapons
EXOTIC AUTOMATIC - My forum for the discussion and design of wristblades, switchblades, and other exotic weapons.

Hello. These are a few of the projects I work on in my spare time.
Nothing is for sale yet, as I'm still working on my skills and refining the designs.

Switchblade knife, Gravity Knife, and Out-The-Front Switchblade models being designed
Gravity Knife & Switchblade Prototypes : ATS34 Steel Blade, Stainless Steel, Nickle Silver, 9 1/4 w/ Micarta handle, 8 1/2 w/Dark Horn.

Thanks for Looking ~ Updated-5-25-2010 ~

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